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The officer grabbed the girl, who used her cell phone during class, by the neck, flipped her over a▓nd dragged her across the floor. Fields in 2013 was named as a defendant in a fed

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eral lawsuit that claimed he "unfairly and recklessly targets▓ African-American students." The U.S. National Association for the Advancement of ▓Colored People criticized that such

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violence "doesn▓'t affect white students". Victoria ▓Middleton, the executive director for the S▓outh Carolina branch of the American Civil L▓iberties Union, said that regardless of

st a 14-year-old A

the▓ reason for the officer's actions, s▓uch egregious use of force - against young people who were sitting in their classrooms - was outrageous.▓ "School should be a place to

learn and grow, not a place to be brutalized." (, October 28, 2015▓)VI. Gross Violations of Human Rights ▓in Other CountriesIn 2015, the United States continu▓ed to trample on human rights in other countries, ca▓using

frican-American ▓

tremendous civilian casualties. Its overseas monitoring projects infringed on the privacy of citizens of other countries while tor

girl. The officer, called to a community swimming poo▓l party a

ture scandals at the Guantanamo Bay de

fter complaints, cursed at several black teenagers and yanked

tention camp continued. Up to date, th

the▓ girl wearing only a bikini to the ground. He also pointe

e United States has not▓ ratified some

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